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    Makes 1 dip



    1 tbsp minced garlic

    1 tbsp finely chopped onion

    2 chili peppers, sliced

    1 green onion, sliced



    ½ cup soy bean paste (Doenjang)

    ½ cup red pepper paste (Gochujang)

    2 tbsp rice syrup


    Oils & Vinegars

    1 tbsp sesame oil


    Nuts & Seeds

    1 tsp sesame seeds



    1. Put all the ingredients into a bowl.

    2. Combine well together.

    3. Enjoy your Ssamjang!



    Try to get traditional Korean pastes for an authentic result. You should feel free to experiment with proportions of the ingredients to adjust to your preferences. There is no ultimate wrong or right when it comes to making Ssamjang!

    You can serve it as a dip with various vegetable sticks or add it to your sandwich. It goes well with Mexican food too.